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How many cookbooks are too many?

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So Your Doctor Says You Should Go Gluten Free

A friend emailed me, she’s going GF and wanted advice. This is something I have given many times before and just realized I should type it all up in one place so I can just refer to it. How much … Continue reading

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Bob’s Spicy Vodka

Every year for Christmas I infuse vodka with spicy chilies for my father-in-law and make a new label. This is the one from last year. Must be just about time to make a new Christmas vodka.

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Post Kayak Dinner

We had a long kayak trip today. At least, longer than we’ve ever done before. Eight miles, full paddling, both ways. We were tired. This is the dinner we had. Boneless, skinless chicken breast, rubbed with salt, pepper, and Chinese … Continue reading

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I Keep Forgetting

A photo from my 40th birthday. Hilarious (I am not in this photo).

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Poor Kitties

Took them to the vet today for a checkup and they are tired and kind of grumpy. Oh well, let’s see a photo of Azul from when she was 6 months old, and likely the last time she went to … Continue reading

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Wading In

I haven’t made this in awhile but I do love it. A very classic paté done in mold. delicious with bread, pickles, Dijon, and jam.

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Low Tide Beach Walk

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Blandy’s Bicentenary

Blandy’s is spending the year celebrating their 200 year anniversary with special tastings in San Francisco, New York, London, and Madeira. The first of these special events was March 22, in San Francisco. The day started with a special tasting … Continue reading

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